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Early Years

From a young age special effects in movies fascinated Jean-Claude, motivating him to learn Photoshop through books and online tutorials. Impressed by Jean-Claude's Photoshop knowledge, his high school teacher asked him to present lessons to the class. At graduation, Jean-Claude received a scholarship in recognition of his diligence.

College Years

While studying computer graphics at college, Jean-Claude's professors asked him to prepare and present more advanced Photoshop lessons to the classes. Computer graphics required countless hours working behind the computer screen. Just as Jean-Claude realized he didn't like being confined inside all day, his friend suggested he attend a photo lecture. Jean-Claude had a strong interest in photography and a number of his photos were awarded top placement in several shows. The lecture his friend invited him to, presented by Nick Vedros, was a turning point for Jean-Claude. He loved Nick's work and realized working behind the camera was what he really wanted to do with his life. After the lecture he spoke with Nick about internship opportunities.

After receiving his degree in computer graphics, Jean-Claude moved to Kansas City where he interned for Nick Vedros and Gabe Hopkins. During his internship Jean-Claude learned the importance of lighting with photography. Following his internship, Jean-Claude took time off before attending Rochester Institute of Technology for Advertising Photography. During his senior year he worked on a group project combining photography, video and augmented reality. The project his group created was so unique that RIT chose them for a special entrepreneurial class only offered to select individuals. In addition, his group received a small grant from RIT's College of Imaging Arts and Sciences to recreate their project in NYC.

Early Career

Following his studios at RIT, Jean-Claude moved to Brooklyn to begin his career. He started shooting small jobs while also working as an assistant and digital tech on larger productions. Two years after moving to NYC, Jean-Claude, along with his cousin and some friends, created a short film. The short film went viral; and after entering it into a few festivals, won international recognition. After years of working in the industry and making connections, Jean-Claude began shooting larger and more intricate projects. During this time Jean-Claude saw potential not just behind a stills camera, but through the lenses of cinema cameras.


Since transitioning into his role as a director and DP, Jean-Claude has produced amazing work for many large national campaigns. Now in his free time Jean-Claude goes to the gym, enjoys rock climbing, hangs out with family and friends, watches movies, goes to hockey games (He's a big NY Islanders fan), hiking, barbecuing, camping and traveling. 

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